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of earth & spirit

the wind danced against these bones 

until i became transparent. 

these bones danced 

with the spirit of the place 

to reach the time before Time. 

i let myself go to let the soul breathe—

and the earth, she wept through me. 

i cried not for myself 

but for the alienation 

of modern existence.

i cried for the earth 

before asphalt, 

after our fingers 

stopped feeling her warmth.

i wailed with fountains of grief 

rising from my belly. 

i mourned the distance from self 

and from others 

and from planet, 

this estrangement 

at the heart of all darkness.

if we can breathe, 

we must breathe.

if we can feel, 

we must feel, 

must allow the emotion

and observe energy in motion. 

we make peace with this pain 

as we feel its full expression. 

we must have grace for each other 

in vulnerable spaces 

as we heal the whole 

by healing ourselves.

though my soul tends 

to rise up from my body 

i cannot sustain existence 

in the ether —

i am tasked to be a body 

and to make myself whole.

i am a Body, formed of the Earth. 

my ancestors meet in these bones. 

i am fed and am filled 

by the cycles of this land, 

and the land finds its 

human expression in me. 

i am the earth and the earth is my body.


as Woman i walk with my feet 

in the earth and my head in the stars. 

i carry the womb 

of all women before me

and i hold the eggs of all Life 

that flows through me, divine consciousness married to this flesh. 

i am the breath of spirit 

embodying loving awareness. 

i am a duality of earth and spirit

and i contain Multitudes.

is not my spirit alive in each cell, 

vibrating into space 

with every single heartbeat? 

could it not be that these forces 

animating my soul

are the same forces 

that set planets in motion 

and hold the cosmos together?

to be Whole is to be Part.

i am a part of mySelf.

i am a part of You.

i am a part of the Earth.

i dwell in myself 

and my deepest hurts

and my greatest hopes. 

i wept for a world 

that feels itself through me.

and then—

with forest fires flickering 

through my eyelids 

and my tears filling flood plains—

i was Still.

By Birdy @still_space

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